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About Simple Sports Betting Terms

When betting online, it is important to become familiar with some of the common terms that are used. Learning these terms will enable bettors to be more successful. By knowing what terms means, bettors will be able to understand results, betting odds and many other things that are presented at sports betting sites. The most common terms that will be heard include Odds, Spreads, Parlay, Vigorish and Moneylines.

The odds are very important to understand. Every betting option will present the current odds. This is how most people will determine how to bet and when to place their bets. The odds will display the chances of winning and will define the underdog in any sporting event.

Parlay is a popular term that is used in sports books and this refers to a multi-part bet. There are usually three or more teams involved in this bet and each team that is in the bet must win or the parlay bet will lose. The payouts that are offered for these bets are usually much higher than a single wager.

Moneyline is a complex term and it may take new bettors some time to completely understand this. It refers to a bet in which there is no handicap given, such as a run line or a point spread. The odds are not fixed with moneyline bets and the payouts are all based on the true odds instead of fixed odds. When looking at the moneyline, the minus sign will indicate the favourite team as well as the amount that must be bet to win $100. The plus sign will indicate the underdog and the amount that must be bet. For example, a moneyline of +110 is a bet on the underdog and the bettor will win $110 for every $100 bet.

Vigorish refers to the amount of the commission that is made by the sports book. There are many terms that are used in sports betting and new bettors should tae the time to become familiar with some of the popular terms before they even try to place a cash bet online. Knowing the terms can provide a better understanding of the betting process and will allow for educated bets to be placed.