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Binary Options Trading Software Guide

Trading binary options online has become a popular activity and there are many brokers who make use of great software to help with the trades and the management of accounts. The top platforms can provide many great benefits and some awesome features that will help to ensure successful trading online. By reading some of the reviews offered, traders and brokers will learn the services and features that are offered by these top financial solutions and will be able to choose which platform will offer the most benefits in the long run. These companies are among the most trusted in the financial market and provide brokers with a trusted platform to help conduct binary option trades online.

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Since binary option trading is becoming more popular every day, many more online broker firms are being established to handle the load. Many of these firms are using professional trading platforms to successfully and easily complete trades online. TechFinancials is one of the leading platforms that is being used by brokers and this is a company that places a strong focus on creating various strategies to use for various broker websites. TechFinancials uses a nice interface that is appealing visually. The clear appearance and minor distractions make this a professional addition to any site.

Once binary options traders become familiar with the website setup, they will find that TechFinancials offers an easy to use system. It is easy to conduct trades on the platform and the process is straightforward. There are some features of TechFinancials that users will not find with ant other platform. There are a large assortment of trading options, including Above/Below, One Touch, High/Low and High Yield One Touch. Despite the popularity of this reliable platform, the company is always trying to make improvements to ensure that it remains a top choice for brokers. By adding new features and offering ongoing support, TechFinancials will remain at the top of the list for any trader or broker involved with binary option trading online. In addition to the ease of use, the platform offers some easy to read graphs that will depict the past and present trends, making it easier to make wise decisions before conducting any trade online. This platform has become a preferred choice for many of the leading broker firms and will remain a great selection for new and experienced traders online.



Tradologic is a well respected company that has been offering financial products since 2008. The company is dedicated to creating and offering services that will help the casual trader conduct successful trades online. With a great variety of trading platforms, traders will easily be able to find a platform to meet their needs. One of the most popular platforms deals with binary options trading and this is referred to as BINARIX. This platform is based on the latest technology and offers the best approach to binary option trading. The binary platform will offer great flexibility with great resilience. The platform is very easy to use and traders will find that they can customise it to meet their specific financial needs and goals. This is a high performance platform that is web based and offers a fast execution on any browser. The platform can even be accessed on a mobile device for constant trade opportunities.

When using BINARIX, traders will be able to set the display to provide figures with decimals, fractions, percentages and fractional yards. There are also many languages and currencies supported and users can change the time zone so they are always presented with up to date information. This platform features many financial products for casual or professional traders, including In/Out, Above/Below, Touch, Triple, open Markets and many more. Users of the BINARIX platform will enjoy some great features that will help them with their trades. There are many tolls offered that will help with risk management, including Take Profit, Extend, Insurance, Auto Trade and Stop Loss. This platform is definitely a complete solution that is a perfect selection for any new or casual trader looking for a reliable platform with amazing features.


Spot Option

Spot Option began offering their binary options platform in 2008 and since that time, this has become one of the most popular platforms used by brokers. In May of 2012, the company received the first binary options license issued from the Cyprus SEC, which made the company a regulated firm under the laws of Cyprus. The platform offered by the company is very easy to use and presents a visually attractive main page. Users will be able to trade various scenarios that are preset, offering fast and safe trades online. Any trader can use the platform and conduct trades, or it can be employed by broker firms. When the trader chooses the Top Picks button on the screen, they will be presented with great assortment of option trades in different markets. There are also option choices presented for different markets, including sticks, commodities and currencies. The platform is exceptionally easy to use and is completely user friendly. There is an Option Builder option that will display all current information and values of a chosen currency or stock.

On the main page, there is also an option for One Touch. This is similar to a traditional option where the asset must reach a strike price within a certain amount of time, generally a week. Using this option, traders will get the latest information, including current returns, expiration times and the current cost per unit. The 60 second area provides information on all options that will expire in 60 seconds. Here, traders can learn the possible payouts based on the amount of their investment, allowing them to make fast and wise decisions when trading assets, stocks, indices, commodities or currencies. This platform is a complete solution that is one of the easiest to use. Even traders who have chosen to perform their own trades will easily be able to use the platform to manage trades and determine what trade moves to make next based on possible return calculations and other information.

OSystem Tech

O Systems is one of the leading companies in the field of binary options trading. This company has merged many high end experts in the industry and provides a professional staff of traders and sealers, as well as trading room managers and tech specialists. This company is always trying to keep up with the latest trading trends so that all users will benefit from a comprehensive platform for successful trading. The binary options trading platform that is offered by this company is packed with amazing features that will prove to be beneficial to all levels of traders. The Up/Down feature is one of the basic elements of trading and this is when the user will select the asset and predict whether the price will be above or below the current prove when it expires. The platform also supports the 60 second option, where the trade action is similar to the Up/Down option but the expiratory time is just one minute.

While the platform is already a reliable and solid platform. The company is working to offer additional features that will set it apart from the competitors. They are currently working on introducing a Social Trading Option in which users can trade socially. The current platform is very easy to use and is a top choice among new traders. However, it can also handle complex trades that are often conducted by those experienced in binary options trading. No matter what types of traders are using the platform, they will benefit from a well designed piece of software that will help them become a successful trader. With tons of up to date information, users will find O Systems to be a top choice in platforms and that is will be among the easiest to use and understand.


Markets Pulse

Markets Pulse is a complete platform that is used by those who are casual or professional binary options traders. This platform has been available since 2009 and is one of the leading platforms available. There are three available sections to the platform, including the Back Office, Markets Pulse Core and the Trading Web Site. The Back Office is a great feature that will allow users to access 100 screens, providing the ability to control all of the trading definitions, including assets and defining schedules. Users can also view all trading activity that is occurring at the site and can manage risks. The Markets Pulse Core is the actual heart of the platform and will allow traders to create derivatives, manage risks, receive live feeds from the site and retain all trading information. When a trade is conducted, all of the information will be stored here.

Most traders will appreciate these two areas of the platform, but will be most interested in the Trading Web Site. This can be completely customised and users can create a design that will distinguish them from the competition. When accessing the site, users will find the registration process to be simple and the options list to be easy to navigate. There are also trading charts available as well as a complete trading history page that will help traders keep track of their past actions as well as monitor trading trends. This platform is truly a complete solution for any binary options trader and can be used by the trader alone or by a broker that is assisting with the management of the account. Markets Pulse uses the latest technology to deliver a platform that is easy to use and full of benefits. These financial solutions are used in some of the most regulated markets in the world.