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Online Forex Trading Software Guide

When traders decide to begin trading forex online, they may be looking for a broker, or they may choose to do the trading themselves. No matter how the trade is conducted, traders will have to make use of trading software. There are a variety of software companies that have developed easy to use software that will provide many benefits. By reading short reviews of top software companies, traders will be able to choose one that offers benefits that will help them succeed when they begin making monetary trades online. Forex software is full of amazing features that will help any trader, new or experienced.

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xFSOL Software

XFSOL, also known as X-Financial Solutions Limited, is one of the leading broker solutions providers in the industry. Catering to the needs of UK traders while offering services to many international traders, this platform allows traders to complete fast forex trades while utilising the many features of the software package. This company has designed a great trading system that will also for simplified forex trading online. This platform is available in three languages and can provide many great services that will help traders become successful in the forex market. When registering with the company, users will be granted access to a free practice account. This is a great opportunity for new traders to become familiar with the platform and the process of forex trading before they begin risking their own money.

When traders are ready to conduct cash trades, they can open an account with as little as $250. There are also some great welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions that are available that will add free cash to the account, allowing for additional trades to be conducted. This platform offers many features that will prove to be beneficial even to the most experienced trader. When using X-Financial Solutions Limited, users will learn the basics of forex trading and will also receive ongoing education that will help them make wise trading decisions. There is also a portfolio of services and some great tips to help traders make the most of the software. This company is a top choice for new traders and is also widely used by those who have experienced online forex trading in the past.


Tradency Software

Tradency was first established in 2005 and since that time, it has made quite a name in the industry. This company is now one of the most popular platforms for those who are interested in trading forex online. Tradency is always working to improve services and to offer innovative features that will help traders be successful with their cash trades. The Tradency platform is currently being used by some of the top brokers in the industry including Alpari, and FXCM. With many new brokers choosing this platform, it continues to grow in popularity. The platform is easy to use and will provide many great benefits to new and experienced traders and brokers.

The newest addition to Tradency is the Mirror Trader. This unique trading platform is very advanced and introduces traders to completely new techniques that can increase the chances of making successful trades. The platform offers a trading workspace that consists of many trading tools and unique features. Users will have the ability to customise tools to meet their specific trading needs and will also enjoy cutting edge technology that provides perfect trade execution and a great trading experience. The Mirror Trader introduces a new technique, known as Mirror Trading Technique. This was developed by the professionals at Tradency and enables all traders to use the knowledge of those who developed strategies for their own trading actions. The Mirror Trader offers many benefits, including the support of multiple currencies and languages, an easy to use platform, product diversification and automatic mirroring and manual trading in a single platform. With some of the top brokers in the industry using this platform, it goes without saying that Tradency is one of the more trusted and reliable financial software providers available online.


Leverate Software

Leverate has been providing online financial solutions since 2008 and this is one of the most reliable and qualified platforms available for those who are interested in trading forex online. The company is dedicated to delivering an extensive array of solutions and services that will enable brokers and individual traders to maximize their profits while minimising all possible risks at the same time. The solutions that are offered at Leverate are results of cutting edge technology and as one of the largest providers of financial services online, the company remains at the top of the list for the best brokers. Leverate offers a great assortment of products and services, including Leverate MT4, LXFeed and Sirix Trading platforms. By building on these platforms, Leverate is able to offer a unique solution that is completely turnkey.

With dozens of the best brokers online trusting this platform, Leverate continues to lead the industry with their financial solutions. The benefits of using this platform include lower risks, higher returns, cost savings and higher conversion rates. Leverate is dedicated to customer satisfaction and provided 24/7 support to all brokers. The company is always trying to adapt to the needs of customers and develop products and services that will meet these needs on an ongoing basis. Offering comprehensive solutions for the popular forex market, Leverate plans to continue research efforts to offer better software and services that is loaded with features to make for a positive forex trading experience for all involved. This company is one of the most popular around and the services and trading platforms are trusted by some of the world's most successful brokers.