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Online Poker Software Guide

Online poker is a very popular game and it attracts millions of players. With some of the best software companies in the industry creating amazing poker games and software, players will find a variation of games and services that will enhance their online poker experience. By playing at sites that are powered by reliable software, players will have a safe and secure environment in which to enjoy games packed with action and offering high payouts. Many of the top casino software providers also have poker software that can be accessed at poker rooms or casino sites.

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Microgaming Poker Software

Since 1994, Microgaming has been powering some of the top online casinos, providing players from all around the word access to amazing games, including one of the largest selection of poker variations online. The software used for the poker games is fast and reliable and is a trusted name in the industry, attracting thousands of loyal players on a regular basis. While many players who enjoy the action of poker will seek games in an online casino, there are a number of players, usually those that are more serious about the game, who will prefer to play in a specified poker room. In poker rooms powered by Microgaming, players will only find the top rated poker games, all offering some impressive cash rewards and player incentive. In 2003, Microgaming established the Microgaming Poker Network. This is now one of the most reliable and trusted networks anywhere online.

When playing in a poker room powered by Microgaming, players will find many of the most popular versions of the game. There are also a huge variety of poker tournaments. The Microgaming Poker Network hosts more than $3 million in Guaranteed Tournaments each month. The poker software from Microgaming includes many great features that will benefit players. With many innovative games and tournament styles, players will always have something exciting waiting for them when they choose any poker game from Microgaming. Supporting a huge selection of languages and currencies, international players can easily access the games and services that are provide at top rated poker rooms and Microgaming online casinos. In addition to the superior poker games from this company, players will also benefit from some of the highest payouts and amazing player bonuses that can provide oodles of free cash to be used on future poker games.


Playtech Poker Software

Playtech is another leader in the online gambling industry and this company has been providing games and services since 1999. With a huge assortment of casino games, players who enter an online casino powered by this software will be thrilled with the selection of poker games. In fact, Playtech was the very first software company to introduce live dealer games. These types of poker games bring the online game to a new level. Players will enjoy a real experience as they play a game that is simulcast from a land location. Players will be able to bet on the outcome of the game while watching it unfold live. These games are played in real time and there are a few versions supported. Love dealer poker games can be found at the top online casinos powered by Playtech and will definitely provide poker fans with an excellent experience. If players do not wish to play at an online casino, there are a number of poker rooms that are using Playtech's poker software.

Over the past 10 years, Playtech has jumped ahead of competitors when it comes to poker software. The company is the largest online poker software provider and continues o develop innovative games that will bring much joy to players. Playtech poker games allow players to alter their views of the table to personalise the experience and make it more realistic. There are also multiple betting options that are supported so players of all levels will be able to afford some time at the tables. Playtech poker games are also known to use realistic sounds and graphics, replicating what would be found in a land casino. The poker software from this company also has some great features that will allow players to create buddy lists, keep notes during games and review game histories.


Merge Gaming Poker Software

Merge Gaming Poker software is quickly becoming a favourite among players who are looking for the best online poker experience. This software comes complete with all the standard features players would expect, like player notes and table sorting. The thing that makes this software stand out from the competitors in the industry is the added features that are available. While playing Merge Gaming poker games, players will also benefit from the Rabbit Hunt feature, Deal it Twice, VIP Points, Time Bank, Late Registration and many other great features that make this an exceptional poker software choice for any serious player. While Merge Gaming poker rooms are designed to attract experienced players, there are a number of poker games that have low wagering limits as well as tutorials so new players can learn the games and enjoy the action of online poker.

Merge Gaming is one of the few poker software provides that will accept US players at their sites. There are also overlays on all guaranteed tournaments. These sites see new players registering each day and with increased traffic more and more poker fans are trying out this software. While many players will prefer playing with the big names of Playtech and Microgaming, Merge Gaming can offer an exceptional poker experience. The games are crafted with amazing sounds and graphics and the payouts are known to be attractive. There are also many high stakes games that are offered on a continual basis. This is a great thing for high rollers who typically have to wait for a high limits table or tournament in other poker rooms or casinos. The betting options from Merge Gaming will suit the needs of all players and range from $0.01/$0.02 to $300/$600.