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Online Sports Betting Software Guide

Many sports fans around the world locate top rated sports betting sites. When users are seeking a reliable site, they must choose one that is powered by reliable and respected software. Here, users can learn of three top software developers that have been providing betting services for many years. With quality services, great odds and even special bonus opportunities, these companies remain the top choices for all those who enjoy betting on sporting events internationally. These companies have a great reputation and will provide a secure betting environment online.

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Orbis Technology Software Review

When it comes to placing sports bets online, many people will choose sites that are powered by Orbis Technologies software. This software company has been providing betting services for many years and has become a trusted and reliable name in the industry. Since 1996, this company has been meeting the needs on online sports bettors by providing up to date information on sites, supporting many types of betting options and welcoming international players to the sites that are available. Orbis also offers interactive gaming software, which is used at some of the top rated online casinos in the world. At these sites, players who are registered will not only be able to play great interactive games, but will also be able to enjoy placing some sports bets. The sports betting software from Orbis is called OpenBet Sportsbook, and this is one of the most powerful in the betting market. This software supplies many of the large names in the industry, including William Hill, Betfair and Ladbrokes online casinos.

The best sports betting software needs to offer powerful management tools, which is exactly what Orbis Technologies does. With live alerts and pre and post betting liability management, this software offers many features that can be enjoyed and used by any registered bettor at the site. Since this software company does provide services to thousands if international users, there are a number of currencies, languages and payment methods that are supported. There is also top notch customer care services available at all times, providing users with assistance whenever they have a question or a problem while visiting any Orbis powered site online.


Playtech Sports Betting Software Review

Playtech is one of the most popular online casino software providers in the industry. Since 1999, this company has been powering top rated sites and offering unique and innovative games and services to players from around the globe. Playtech does devote most of its time and resources to the development of casino games and the management of casino sites, but they also took an interest in sports betting. In 2008, Playtech purchased the well known sports betting software provider Player2Player. With this purchase, Playtech was able to offer sports betting at all their online casinos. Now, players who register at Playtech sites will have access to all casino games, specialty games and sports betting options. Players will also benefit from the continued support of professional representatives as well as incredible protection and security at all Playtech sites.

Sports betting has become a popular activity for many people and with the ease of access, players who enjoy online casino action can now engage in sports betting at reliable Playtech casinos. These bets are placed just like a player would bet on a casino game. They will have to be registered players at the site and will also have to open a real money account. They will then choose the sports betting area of the casino and find the many options that are supported. Playtech offers betting on all major sports internationally and players will have the ability to bet on current and future sporting events. They will also be able to place bets on player performance, team results and many other things related to eth outcome of any sporting event. Playtech sites also support bets on major events, like the World Cup, Super Bowl and even the Olympics.


Digital Gaming Solutions Software Review

Digital Gaming Solutions, also known as DGS, is a well respected company that is based in Costa Rica. This company is best known for managing an array of sports betting sites and providing the software needed for users to safely and securely make bets on their favourite sports events or figures. In terms of sports wagering, Digital Gaming Solutions is one of the most experienced companies in the industry. Having been in business for more than 20 years, this company knows exactly what to offer in the software that is developed. For sports betting, users will find many options available in addition to quality customer service and great privacy and protection policies. When users visit a site that is using DGS software, they will enjoy being able to place all major bet types for every sport possible. Since these sites attract many international people, there are various languages and currencies that are supported, making it easy and safe for users to complete their bets in a safe manner.

The customer support that is offered at these sites surpasses many others. All registered bettors will have 24/7 access to the support team, which is a group of professionally trained representatives that can handle any questions or problems that may be encountered. All of the information at the sites is posted in real time, so users will see immediate results of events as they come in. With up to date information, making sports bets is easier than ever and DGS offers great odds that can provide some handsome cash rewards on bets that are made. Digital Gaming solutions has already attracted the attention of many and with reliable and consistent services, users will continue to access this software for all their sports betting needs.